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Contact Wendy Barratt

Who am I?

I am a professional graphic designer with bags of experience, a natural inquisitiveness (especially in the artworld) and a passion for good design.

I work with a whole range of businesses from large corporates to start-up enterprises producing a high standard of graphic design that is driven by creative thinking and a keen eye.

My design career has always been fed by my passion for drawing, painting and photography. My spare time is taken up with my artistic endeavours as well as passing my passion on to others through teaching.


Freelancer vs agency

A growing number of clients prefer using a freelance graphic designer to using a design agency due to a few important benefits. The work delivered by a skilled graphic designer can be exactly the same as you'd get from a top agency - but at a fraction of the cost, plus you get to work directly with your designer.

My experience

I graduated in the 80's with a BA(Hons) in Design for Communication Media. I was instantly snapped up and worked my way up through the industry to senior designer and art director over a period of ten years.

At the end of this period I went in search of more artistic inspiration and found myself in the South of France where I set up as a freelance graphic designer, drawing tutor and painter. Within a short time I was working for clients all over the world with the majority of clients approaching me by recommendation.

During my career I've designed and managed projects for a diverse variety of clients in many markets such as:
The food industry
Charity organisations
Aeronautical Industry
Small enterprises
Entertainment Industry
Publishing Industry
Personal development